Childhood and Adolescent Weight Management

Knowing what to do or say when your child is struggling with their weight is challenging. Thrive Nutrition experts understand the struggle and provide a sensitive approach to making this better for your family. We provide nutrition counseling, education and therapy for overweight children.

While a one time visit is always beneficial and sufficient, we recommend that he/she be carefully followed by a Nutritionist. Self monitoring and accountability are crucial to success . We offer a 3 month intervention which consist of 6 individualized sessions which occur bi-weekly. While we understand this is a commitment, it has proven to be most successful to reverse weight trends and potentially eliminate risk for obesity related disease which may plague the future of your child. Talk to your Pediatrician about a referring your child to Thrive or call us for more information.

Eating Disorders

Do you suspect your child has an eating disorder? If so, it is vital that they work with a Registered Dietitian who has vast clinical experience and training in this area. Your child will be counseled by one of the best and most trusted Nutritionists in the Birmingham area. While sessions may be centered around your child, we believe in the family’s involvement in the treatment of these tendencies. We will communicate closely with your child’s health care and/or mental health provider to ensure a multidisciplinary approach.

Picky Eaters

For a parent, mealtimes with a picky eater are no fun! We will set you up with a nutritionist with the experience to evaluate your child’s tendencies and develop a plan to increase variety. We will also assess for nutritional gaps which may result from restrictions of certain foods or food groups. We teach parents of young children detailed methods to best approach feeding their child. Older kids benefit from extensive nutrition/feeding therapy where foods of all categories, textures and colors are explored and eventually accepted.

Failure to Thrive

Children should follow positive growth patterns. In the event your child has deviated from their normal growth trend, meeting with a Pediatric Dietitian may be a crucial piece of the puzzle in determining the reason for poor growth. We will assess your child’s energy needs and develop a plan for ‘catch up’ growth.

Food Allergies

Managing a child’s diet with multiple food allergies can be daunting. Sifting through what they “can” and “cannot” eat is exhausting. Inconsistencies in information on the internet often adds to the confusion and leaves parents helpless and confused. Schedule an appointment with one of our experienced experts to simplify and manage your child’s unique diet.

Celiac Disease

Thrive RD's enjoy working with families with children who are newly diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  In addition to a Gluten Free diet, our team will guide you through multiple dietary and supplementary therapies that will help restore the gut to health.

Breast Feeding

The best way to nourish your baby is to breastfeed. Thrive’s Nurses and/or Registered Dietitians are specifically trained to counsel and assist you with you and your baby’s breastfeeding journey. A lactation counselor will even come to your home, if you are faced with challenges nursing a newborn infant.


Children with Autism may respond to diet therapy and treatment. While this is an area of nutrition that is new, our staff is progressive in thinking and eager to work with you and your child to trial new and different dietary approaches.


Thrive Dietitians have knowledge and experience working with children with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. If you are seeking to find the best diet to manage your child’s diabetes, or simply need motivation to comply with the strict nature of a diabetic diet set up an appointment today.

Sports Nutrition

The Thrive Team enjoys working with endurance and non endurance athletes to maximize their nutrition. We believe having a plan for ‘what’ and ‘how’ you eat, provides a competitive edge in sports.

Grocery Store Tours

If making healthy decisions it the grocery store overwhelms you, we can help! A Thrive Nutritionist will meet you at the grocery store to tour and learn the best for your buggy. Call to schedule a grocery tour for you or your child.

Thrive Adult Nutrition

Yes, we work with Adults! While our staff must have Pediatric experience, we are more than equipped to provide nutrition counseling and therapy to adults. Schedule an appointment today!