Working with Ali helped me to find my motivation to fight through my weight loss journey. She helped me focus on healthy ways to eat and held me accountable. I was able to lose 14 pounds by eating and exercising the right way. I will take the things I learned from Thrive with me for life.
— Sarah - 16 years old

Ali has such a warm personality and encouraging presence. She has made it easier for Katie to feel comfortable and helped with her motivation. We discussed lots of practical ways to live healthy and I feel it will stay with our family for a lifetime.
— Mother of a 13 year old

We were referred by our Pediatrician to Ali at Thrive for our daughter who has a very complex medical history. Because of chronic GI issues, our little girl was not potty trained, which made it hard for her to go to school. I felt her diet was related to some of her tummy troubles and poor growth. We met with Ali to explore her diet. After only one day of doing what she said, my child was no longer complaining of tummy aches and went to the potty on her own. I was literally blown away and so encouraged! I am so thankful to have established a relationship with a Dietitian who has experience with children.
— Mother of a 4 year old

Once my daughter started school, she began gaining weight at a rapid rate. She was complaining of leg pain, so her doctor referred her to see a Dietitian at Thrive. She is now reading food labels, portioning out meals, and limiting junk food all on her own. The nutritionist at Thrive approached my child with sensitivity and made healthy changes challenging, while keeping it playful and fun. We visit with a Thrive Nutritionist every other week to stay on track. She has lost 10 pounds, looks great, and is now on her growth curve. This intervention came at such a crucial time in her development and I am so happy we made the commitment.
— Mother of a 10 year old